Todd LuciananoDeSmith

After I interviewed about six different Heating/Cooling (HVAC) companies to replace my 20+ year furnace and install a new AC, I was starting to get frustrated. There were a lot of pressure sales trying to get me to purchase different brand names, and equipment that I just didn’t have any use for. Not to mention, their estimates were way too high and way out of my budget.

Then, I called CoolHeat 365 and spoke with Rusty! He came over and introduced me to the Daikin brand, which is one of the best brands out there and a warranty that is unrivaled in the industry! He did some measurements and calculations and determined the size that would be needed for my home. He was very knowledgable and explained everything, including the need to completely revamp my air delivery system (main air duct), which was designed incorrectly when my house was built back in 1999. He also put his lead installer and business partner (J.J.) on my job to ensure that I got the best of the best!!! Rusty wasn’t messing around…he was right on the money with J.J.! This guy knew his stuff! He and his team of guys were always prompt, respectful and diligent and made sure that their areas were always cleaned up at the end of the day! Trust me, if you’re looking to replace your aging furnace or install a new AC unit into your home…this is the company to call!!! Thank you CoolHeat 365!